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IRCC has extended its policy which allows Visitor visa holders to apply for work permits. IRCC made this update on September 13, 2021, and it will continue till February 28, 2022.

Initially, the policy only applied to visitors who arrived in Canada before August 24, 2020. IRCC has now expanded the policy to include all visitors, regardless of when they arrive in Canada.

How does it work?

  1. You arrive in Canada on a Visitor visa (Note that you are only allowed a 6months stay per visit, irrespective of the length of your visa).
  2. Do your job search and find an employer willing to sponsor your immigration.
  3. Get your offer letter from your employer and submit an Employer-specific work permit (ESWP) application.
  4. The deadline for submission of your ESWP application is February 28, 2022.


Note: You will be issued an Employer-specific work permit (ESWP), meaning your work permit is tied to your employer. You won’t be able to use your work permit to work for another employer. If you wish to switch employers, you may need to apply for a new ESWP.

Can I become a permanent resident after this?
Yes. As a work permit holder, you can be eligible for Canadian permanent residency through the Canadian Experience Class. To be eligible:

  1. Your work permit must be from a job that falls under NOC A, B, or O skill level.
  2. If you have a full-time (minimum 40hrs per week) non-seasonal job, you can apply after one 1year.
  3. If you have a part-time job and are able to work for 1,560hours, you can apply after 2years.


The temporary portal to apply for this work permit is:

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