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By Eddy Osaman – May 28, 2022 @ 12:30 pm

visitor visa to canada – a faster portal

IRCC made an update on September 7, 2021 about a New portal where you can apply for visit visas for your immediate or extended family members.


Currently, if you are an immediate family or extended member of a Canadian Citizen, Permanent Resident, Study permit or Work permit holder, you can apply for a visitor visa under this new portal to reunite with them and it will be processed within 14 to 30 business days.


The video below explains the process, but ensure to read entire post before watching the video.

Step 1: Check if you’re eligible to travel to Canada

If you’re eligible, you need to submit additional documents. The extra documents you need to submit depends on your situation.

Click here to find out who can travel to Canada.

Step 2: Get your documents

Click here to check the list of documents based on your situation.

Step 3: Apply online and pay your fees

1. Create an account by clicking here.

2. Upload your documents.

3. Pay your fees.


Step 4: Biometrics

Normally, you need to give biometrics. If your local visa application centre is not open due to COVID-19, there are temporary measures in place for biometrics.

Click here to find out what to do for your biometrics

STEP 5: Monitor your application

IRCC will check your application to make sure you have all the documents you need. If IRCC approves your application, they will ask (via email or your portal) you to send your passport.

step 6: Send ircc your passport (if they approve your application)

To get your visa, follow the instructions IRCC will send to you.

step 7: Prepare for your travel to and arrival in Canada

You may need to bring with you documents you submitted with your visa application, or present additional documents to the border services officer on arrival in Canada.

Click here to check the list of documents you may need.



Who is an IMMEDIATE family member?

Spouse or common-law partner, Dependent child, Parent or step-parent, Guardian or tutor.


Who is an extended family member?

One with whom you have been in a dating relationship for at least 1 year. Others include a non-dependent child, A grandchild, A sibling, A grandparent.


Can I only apply for this visa from my home country?

You can apply from anywhere. The best option is to use the services of a Canadian immigration consultant or lawyer.


Can I change from Visitor to Worker status later on?

You can change your status from visitor to worker status if you have a spouse with a study or work permit, or if you received a job offer during your stay as a visitor in Canada.

You can apply for this work permit online or at any CBSA office located at the border. Another method is to apply using the current temporary policy for Visitor visas to work permits in Canada.


Can I become a permanent resident after this?

Yes. As a work permit holder, you can be eligible for Canadian permanent residency through the Canadian Experience Class. To be eligible:

  1. Your work permit must be from a job that falls under NOC A, B, or O skill level.
  2. If you have a full-time (minimum 40hrs per week) non-seasonal job, you can apply after one 1year.
  3. If you have a part-time job and are able to work for 1,560hours, you can apply after 2years.


Will my visitor visa be approved?

Your application will be treated as every other regular visitor visa application. You will be required to show ties to your home country in form of:

  1. Personal assets – Landed properties, Businesses, etc
  2. Family in home country
  3. Working or studying in home country
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